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Our mental attitude to food has sometimes the same impact on our diet that the quality of the food we actually eat.We often use food as an antidote to anxiety, boredom, as a reward for an accomplishment, or as an act of love or self-loath.

That is why even in the era of “health conscious” people, you will find the rise of “orthorexia” which is what experts define literally “a fixation on righteous eating” Here are some easy tips, that can help you reflect on your attitude to food, and maybe suggest few little changes that can be implemented right now.

  1. Eat when you are hungry. Eating when you are hungry, won’t make you fat. Hunger is just the body normal way to tell you that is time for you to stock up on energy, but a constant munching or eating out of boredom will.Take notice of how you feel when you eat. Are you feeling peckish or maybe you are just bored? Is your hunger something that has built up slowly or something that resemble a quick urge to satisfy? On a hunger scale, how hungry are you when you eat?
  2. Take a break.  We often eat in a rush,  especially at lunch, maybe busy checking our emails, or with a busy and hurried mind. So my advice is to pause for a moment when having a meal, even if it’s only for 10-15 min. When the pace of life is hectic, we often switch on the “sympathetic nervous system” (flight and fight) which is not conducive for a healthy digestion. On the contrary the “parasympathetic nervous system” (repose-and-digest) will facilitate a better digestion.
  3. Be present. No matter what happened during the day, try to be present with your mind when eating. It will help you switch on the “parasympathetic nervous system” that will help you making the most of our meal. The best way to be present is to actually enjoy and savour all the texture, flavor and complexity of the food you eat.
  4. Share & connect. Food is much better when shared with others we love. Having a meal with a friend or a loved one, help to reinforce a feeling of connection and increase the production of feel good hormones.
  5. Enjoy. Food is not punishment, it is a fuel. You need it to live your life on high energy note, so that you can live your life to the full. Enjoy every mouthful, you deserve it!




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