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Kick start your healthy life with a Kitchen Detox

A healthy life start with healthy eating habits. Food has really the ability to fire up our energy levels and mood, or make us cranky and tired. Our cells renew every 28 days, so what we eat really becomes what we are.


Because the food industry (yes, even the healthy one) has become so crafty in making us wanting the latest food trends,  that we are bombarded by tons of communication that is often fragmented and contradicting.

It’s not only what we eat, but also how the food is produced that really affects us. Let’s take almond milk for example, a very common substitute for diary milk which is considered an “healthy food”. One thing is having a home made nuts milk and one thing is having a factory made that also contains substances like  maltodextrin, sunflower lecithin, locust bean gum or gellan gum .

Gluten is another example. We all know that gluten sensitivity is on the increase, but is it really the gluten’s fault or maybe is it what the food industry has done to gluten in the past 100 years. Not only most of the wheat has been heavily modified by men through “cross-breeding” but it also sprayed with pesticide that contains glyphosate a chemical compound that has been linked to serious health complaints. (Here is an article from the US National Library of Medicine.)

A Kitchen Detox is the best way to start your new healthy journey. Understanding your current food choice, finding out about  better or more convenient alternatives, getting rid of unhealthy temptations and replacing them with healthier ones, is a the perfect way to get healthier, because if “we are what we eat” then we also “are what we have in our kitchen pantry”.

To book a KITCHEN DETOX with me, you can contact me at info@pilateswellness.co.uk or text me at 07725741543 to arrange a quick consultation call.

Useful links

US National Library of Medicine  

Soil Food Association


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