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Press & Brands

I have been lucky enough to collaborate with other online publications since the start of this blog. My recipes have already been featured on ABC economics,, Essex Mums, and other websites and lifestyle blogs.

I am a well-being & nutrition expert on Cure Joy, a wellness website with 20 millions viewers. My recipes are also featured on Mealz, a healthy recipes website.

I also welcome collaborations with brands and food producers, especially those with a sustainable outlook. You can get in touch visiting my contact us page.

Health & Nutrition Coaching

A health coach is an expert that combining nutrition, well-being and coaching knowledge will help you tailor a wellness program to improve your well-being for a healthier and happier life. I can help you cut through the overwhelm of a busy life and re-establish your focus and priorities to feel better and more energized.

You will learn to prioritize your choices, letting go of what holds you back, understands what works for you, and  learn to live a life in balance where emotional well-being, exercise, sleep, relationships and life/time balance, have all an important role in achieving and maintaining optimal health.

To know more about it you can check my page nutrition coaching: how it works or simply get in touch to book a free consultation call.

Kitchen Detox

Let me help you, discover the real nutritional value of your current food choices, find better alternatives, and a better organization for your food shopping needs with an expert. Like wise a wardrobe detox, this should help optimize your healthy food choices, save you time and get better value for your money. This is also your chance to ask any healthy living question you might have to a health coach. From £ 80 p/h

Healthy Shopping Tour

Ideally building on from the Kitchen Detox, you can now have a tailored shopping experience to practically discover the best & healthier food options for you and your family. Totally tailored to your needs, it can also include online shopping. You will also receive a Healthy Food Guide with a list of the least and most pesticide contaminated fruits & vegetables, least & most mercury contaminated fish,and other recommendations on request. From £ 80p/h


Tailor you package

Get in touch for a personalized quote. Every individual is different and so are your healthy needs. Individual and group coaching available.

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